Poland, Szczytno-Szymany, 0100 Hours. For a long time it had been a secret - an extremely well-guarded secret. 15 years ago, however, the barracks camp close to the small airport in the northeast of Poland had gained some notorious fame. Back then the illegal internment and torture of prisoners came to light. In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Polish secret service had relinquished the camp to the CIA. But the scandals involving waterboarding, sleep deprivation, beatings and other methods to obtain questionable statements from disenfranchised detainees had already been forgotten. The Polish as well as the American governments had repeatedly confirmed that the interrogation centre with the former code name Quarz no longer existed.

A lie. ‘Temporary non-usage until renewed demand’ would have been more accurate. Like last night. After quite some considerable time, a small aircraft, a Gulfstream G550, had landed on Szczytno-Szymany airport. The airplane identification on the fuselage-mounted engines had been obscured. Evidence of a secret mission of extreme urgency which had justified reactivating the interrogation center. At least in the eyes of those in charge.

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