This thriller has been close to our hearts for a long time. We wanted to write an entertaining novel for everyone and not yet another textbook for experts. We hope the result is a gripping and entertaining story.

It needs many friends to turn a good idea into a thrilling novel, much inspiration and, not forgetting, critical feedback. Now that the book has been printed, we would like to thank our families and friends. Without your help, it couldn’t have been produced in its present form.

The most difficult part fell to those who read through unfinished and not fully developed parts of the manuscript very early on. The earlier, the harder it was. The story’s plausibility grew over time. Dear Wera, Moritz, Hendrik, Wolfgang, Judith, Anna, Hildegard, Manfred, Jakob, Eberhard and Uta: Thank you for your help, your ideas, your patience and corrections.

John Kellermann